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Fleet Maintenance Lubrication Services

For our Fleet Maintenance customers, Auto-Lube Services offers many quality services to address your needs and challenges. Having a “One-Stop” shop for all your equipment needs is important. We match this with services that both augment and support our products and add further value in areas of facility design, specification development, and interpretation, fluid management, and safety. We can couple many different products, services, and disciplines together to offer unique and custom solutions.

Here are some of our standard services:

  • Site and fleet audits and inspections – Review fluid inventory requirements for fluid deliveries, dispensing allocations, operator interface, transaction integration, and accountability. Focus on finding applications and opportunities to reduce fluid losses due to accountability and custody chain challenges.
  • Facility Design – Offer technical submittal and design review services for maintenance professionals and architects in new facility design and construction
  • Specification Development and Interpretation – Assist the architect and end-client in creating and maintaining a product, process, and equipment specification that offers a “best case” performance specification around what the end-client needs; not what a specific vendor can supply
  • Safety – Introduce specific safety based technologies and methods to all team members tasked with improving asset and operator safety, damage, and liability.
  • Environmental – Review goals, methods, and technologies that serve to create a more environmentally responsible site including inventory tracking, fluid containment, dispensing methods, filling technologies and procedures, and contamination control.
  • Product and method training – Customer location based training on safety, lubricants, lubrication equipment, methodology, best practices, contamination, remediation, and storage/environmental
  • Warranty services – provide complete warranty on all products and services to ensure the highest quality received and utilized by the customer
  • On-site service and support – Provide necessary on-site support to repair, rebuild, and change our products to maintain utilization and reliability
  • Turn-key Installations – Compliment our reliability technologies with expert installations to ensure optimum functionality and warranty support
  • Annual service agreements – To provide, on a predetermined basis, a scheduled set of times and intervals for inspecting and reviewing systems, components, inventories, and training needs

Please let us know how we can best serve your specific needs!