Auto-Lube Services
Auto-Lube Services, Inc.

On Road Automatic Lubrication Services

For our On-road and Truck fleet customers, Auto-Lube Services offers many quality services to address your needs and challenges. On-road and trucking fleets are tasked with maintaining a high level of asset utilization while simultaneously keeping reliability equally high. This is a tall order. We can help balance these goals with many services fitted to the trucking industry.

Here are some of our standard services:

  • Fleet audits and inspections – Review utilization requirements for uptime reliability, safety, and annual maintenance costs. Focus on finding applications and opportunities to improve utilization through reliability-based technologies and services
  • Safety – Introduce specific safety based technologies and methods to all team members tasked with improving asset and operator safety, damage, and liability.
  • Product and method training – Customer location based training on safety, lubricants, lubrication equipment, methodology, best practices, contamination, remediation, and storage/environmental
  • Warranty services – provide complete warranty on all products and services to ensure the highest quality received and utilized by the customer
  • On-site service and support – Provide necessary on-site support to repair, rebuild, and change our products to maintain utilization and reliability
  • Turn-key Installations – Compliment our reliability technologies with expert installations to ensure optimum functionality and warranty support
  • Annual service agreements – To provide, on an predetermined basis, a scheduled set of times and intervals for inspecting and reviewing systems, components, inventories, and training needs

Please let us know how we can best serve your specific needs!