Auto-Lube Services
Auto-Lube Services, Inc.

Lubrication Systems And Products

Auto-Lube Services offers a wide range of the highest quality products within the field of machinery maintenance and reliability. Our products expand upon our core commitment to service by providing you with “best quality” solutions to many of your worst maintenance challenges. These maintenance challenges represent high and hidden costs that continue to impact root productivity and profitability. Reliability centered products can reduce or eliminate these high and hidden costs. Auto-Lube Services has the products and expertise to illustrate these benefits to your operation and fundamentally improve profitability and reduce financial liability.

We look forward to further assisting your operation with these valuable and critical problem-solving products.

Reliability Products

  • Centro-Matic Single-Line Parallel Grease and Oil Systems
  • QuickLub Single-Line Progressive Grease Systems
  • Industrial Pumping and Materials Dispensing Equipment
  • Vehicle Service Lubrication Equipment
  • Used Oil Equipment
  • ORSCO Premium Oil Spray Systems
  • Centralized Automatic Oil and Grease Systems
  • Manual Lubrication Equipment
  • Industrial Chain Spray Equipment
  • Fluid Grease Single-Line Parallel Grease and Oil Systems
  • Mono-Flex Single-Line Progressive Grease Systems
  • Dual-Line Parallel Grease Systems
  • Re-Circulating and Total loss Oil Lubrication Systems
  • Centralized Automatic Oil and Grease Systems
  • Manual Lubrication Equipment
  • Industrial Spray Equipment
  • Heavy-Duty Industrial Greases and Oils
  • Heavy-Duty Mining Greases and Oils
  • Heavy-Duty On-Road Greases and Oils
  • Industry Leading Food-Grade Lubricants
  • Industry-Leading Eco-Safe Lubricants
  • Railroad Lubricants
  • Cleaners and Degreasers
  • Anti-Seize and Drill Stem Compounds
  • Gas Operated Single –Point Lubricators
  • Battery-Operated Premium Single-Point Lubricators
  • Grease Lubricators filled with Custom Lubricants
  • Mobile and Industrial Hydraulic and Specialty Hose
  • JIC, SAE, and NPT Hose Fittings and Connections
  • Couplers, Connectors, and Pipe Fittings

Safety Products

  • 4-Camera 360 Systems
  • Single Camera Back-up Systems
  • Rear-Facing Radar Awareness Systems
  • Multi-Point Object Awareness Systems
  • Back-up Alarms
  • Back-up “White Noise” Systems

Environmental Products

  • Industry-Leading Desiccants and Filters
  • Standard and Custom Desiccant Breathers
  • Contamination Control Dispensers
  • Closed Containment Lubricant Storage Systems
  • Fluid Inventory Products and Systems
  • Heavy-Duty Permanent and Temporary Coatings
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaners and Removers
  • Single and Double-Wall Tanks for Oils and Lubricants
  • Standard and custom UL-142 Tanks
  • Above-Ground and Below-Ground Tanks
  • Oil/Water Seperators
  • Tank hardware and Accessories

Compressed Air Products

  • Single and Dual-Stage Reciprocating Compressors
  • Air Cooled and Refrigerant Dryers
  • Heavy-Duty Air Filtration